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     ZC-102 CT/PT Volt-Ampere Characteristic Tester

 Dirección:   No.120,Guanggu Road , East Lake New High-tech Development Zone,Wuhan, China

 Actividad de ZC-102 CT/PT Volt-Ampere Characteristic Tester:

  Product Introduction
ZC-102 Transformer comprehensive tester can measures of CT, I-V curve and curve, 5%, 10% error curve according to the polarity of the national standard, DC resistance, and ratio; direct measurement of voltage transformer turns ratio; qualitative measurement of voltage transformer ratio error and polarity; field measurements of the actual secondary load of current and voltage mutual inductor and so on.
Product Features
1.Only need to set the test voltage, current and step, the device will boost and describe the voltage current characteristic test curve automatically, save manual pressure regulation, artificial record, tracing curves, and so cumbersome labor. Quick, simple and convenient.
2.Wiring is simple, simple wiring can test the entire PT, CT.
3.Comprehensive functions, which can test the volt ampere characteristics of CT, ratio and polarity, CT 5% and 10% error curve, flow test, AC withstand voltage test.
4.If the output voltage cannot meet the requirements of the single machine, we also can use external booster test.
5.Instrument using 220V power input, avoid the risk of using 380V.
6.Volt ampere characteristics test unit output voltage 0-2500V, the current 0-20A; the booster output voltage 0-4000V, current 0-1.5A, can do the volt ampere characteristics test of current 0-1.5A grade 1A.
7.Large screen liquid crystal display, the test can be showed by the volt ampere curve directly, intuitive and convenient.
8.With a miniature printer, the test data can be printed conveniently, the digital keyboard is adopted, and the digital input is convenient.
9.With a large capacity memory, can store 1000 sets of test data will not lost when power off.
10.Rs232 communication interface can be connected to the computer for testing, test data can be uploaded to the computer to edit and save.

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